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Technology Sales Prospecting Course - Module 1 out of 10 Modules

Contributes Towards Final Certificate of Achievement upon Completion of Full Technology Sales Course - 10 Modules


Technology Sales Prospecting Course

The Technology Sales Prospecting Course is the first module in the Technology Sales Course.

It is essential that technology sales professionals understand all available channels that are utilised in demand generation with a view to determining where best to allocate time and resources in pursuit of high value, high probability sales opportunities.

Tech sales prospecting is the driving force behind successful lead generation in the customer acquisition process when selling technology in a B2B environment. Successful organisations combine; Inbound Marketing Response to handle inbound enquiries; Sales Development Reps (SDRs) run outbound campaigns with follow up calls; Field Sales Reps can add value by coaching internal teams to help tailor key marketing messages that optimise and improve results in their vertical or sales region in addition to taking ownership and responsibility for identifying and developing higher value strategic opportunities within their set of accounts or sales territory.

The Tech Sales Prospecting Course covers; Customer Acquisition Process, Account Structure & Partners, Sales Structures, Segmentation & Ideal Customer Profile, Targeted Marketing - Demand Generation, Inbound Marketing, Composing E-Mails for Campaigns, Outbound Calls, Lead Generation, Field Sales Outreach, ANSOFF Matrix, Customer Groups, Historical Data, Greenfield & Whitespace Analysis and Finding High Value Strategic Opportunities including partnering in leading System Integrators.

Course Curriculum

    • Module 1.1 – Ideal Customer Profile · Demand Generation 00:42:00
    • Module 1.2 – Inbound, Outbound & Field Sales · Revenue Composition 00:37:00
    • Module 1.3 – Prospecting Recap Session · Cheatsheets 00:25:00
    • Quiz – Module 1 00:15:00


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