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Technology Sales Presenting Value Proposition Course - Module 7 out of 10 Modules

Contributes Towards Final Certificate of Achievement upon Completion of Full Technology Sales Course - 10 Modules


Technology Sales Presenting Value Proposition Course

The Technology Sales Presenting Value Proposition Course is the seventh module in the Technology Sales Course.
As you move towards the later stages of the sales process, you need to be able to communicate your findings from the discovery work and your value proposition to the key stakeholders.

This is your final opportunity to demonstrate that you understand the customer's business including the; challenges, problems, pain and desired outcomes that the customer is looking to achieve e.g. alignment with decision criteria, metrics around increased performance, exceeding specific KPIs, impact on business drivers, achieving strategic imperatives, unique value etc.

The Tech Sales Presenting Value Proposition Course covers; format, re-implicating pain, status quo in metric terms, impact on attainment of specific strategic goals, objectives, business drivers & KPIs and how your value proposition resolves & overcomes these key issues, differentiation, business results, personal wins, upfront investment / payment plan, ROI & proof; business case, references etc.

Course Curriculum

    • Module 7.1 – Proposal · Commercials · Business Case · Implementation · Presentation · Demo · References 00:25:00
    • Module 7.2 – Present Value Proposition Recap Session · Cheatsheets 00:09:00
    • Quiz – Module 7 00:12:00


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